Technology Planning Advisory Team

  • 1. Statement of Purpose:

    The Technology Planning Advisory Team would be a collaborative advisory measure: a group of stakeholders who will meet at agreed-upon intervals throughout the year and act as a resource to help advise the district on technology-related issues:

    • Review the new website template and enhanced Rye Neck app
    • Work with the district on prioritization of our equipment buying cycle
    • Make recommendations on technology infrastructure upgrades
    • Propose and review technology security enhancements
    • Review relevant sections of the three-year District Technology Plan

    2. ResponsibilitiesandExpectations:

    The TPAT will collaborate, research, advise and report on matters detailed in the statement of purpose or other related issues as they arise. Members will be required to study relevant materials in advance of  meetings. The team would provide feedback, ideas and recommendations to key district decision-makers for consideration.

    3. Composition:

    The TPAT would be composed of

    • 1- Board of Education liaison
    • 1- District Director of Technology and Communications
    • 1- Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent for Business and Finance
    • 1- EduTek Ltd. representative
    • 2- Instructional staff members (K-5 and 6-12)
    • 4- Community members

    4. Meetings:

    All meeting dates are mandatory. They are: November 15, 2023; December 19, 2023; February 7, 2024; April 9, 2024; and June 4, 2024 at 6:00p.m. in the MS/HS Community Room. Meetings will last approximately one hour.

    Technology Planning Advisory Team Charter

    Technology Planning Advisory Team Application

    Technology Planning Advisory Team Members