2023-2024 District Event Videos

  • District event videos include various programs around the district which are captured on video. These events include graduation/moving up ceremonies, award ceremonies, concerts, theatrical performances and other special programs. Please refer to the district events calendar for upcoming events that may be featured here.  Events from previous school years can be accessed in the archives in the left menu. You can also see pictures of the events by going District Event Photos.  

  • RNMS Winter Concert - 12/20/23
  • RNHS Winter Music, Choir and Theatre Performance - 12/14/23
  • FEB 5th Grade Winter Concert - 12/11/23
  • RNHS Thespian and Music Honors Society Induction Ceremony - 11/13/23
  • FEB and DW Halloween Parades and Sing Alongs - 10/31/23
  • RNHS Math Honor Society Induction Ceremony - 10/30/23
  • RNHS World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony - 10/16/23
  • RNHS National Honors Society Induction Ceremony - 10/2/23