Report an Absence

  • A Parent or Guardian is required to call the school by 9:00 a.m. each day of absence or lateness to indicate the reason for the absence/lateness.  A message may be left for a school nurse at any time.

    MS/HS Attendance Office (914) 777-4882
    F.E. Bellows Nurse (914) 777-4610
    Daniel Warren Nurse (914) 777-4210

    A note, signed by the parent or guardian, indicating the number of days absent, dates, and reason for the absence, must be brought to the teacher or homeroom teacher upon returning to school.

    An absence from school WITHOUT a note is an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.

    Lateness: MS/HS

    Students must report to the school Attendance Office immediately upon arrival with a note signed by a parent or guardian indicating the reason for lateness.

    Lateness: Daniel Warren & F.E. Bellows

    Students must report to the School Nurse immediately upon arrival, be signed in by a parent or guardian, and receive a late pass.