Purpose and Process

  •      Strategic planning in a district is a means of assessing the current state of its schools, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and developing a clear plan of action to achieve goals and objectives.
         Rye Neck has partnered with Judith Wilson, an experienced educator and administrator, notably having served as the superintendent of the Princeton and Woodbury school districts in New Jersey. Ms. Wilson has been in operation since 2014 as an educational consultant and planning facilitator and is highly regarded by other districts she has worked with, many in Westchester.
         The initial process will be conducted during the first semester and will include electronic surveys tailored for Rye Neck for parents, students in grades 5-12, faculty, support staff, administrators, and community residents without children in the schools. Ms. Wilson will review school data, trends, and key issues, and interview our Board of Education, administrators and district leaders. Once data is collected and summarized, a diverse leadership planning team made up of school staff, parents, and students will spend two days in late November on the development of goals for the next three to five years of district growth and improvement. After the new year, we will have overall goals, timelines, measurable benchmarks for each action step and have an annual review and renewal process delineated.
         Our end product will be a strategic plan that will help guide how we develop and support our learners over the next several years. As a set of aspirational goals, the plan will inform future decisions that will impact all levels of our district. We will keep the community updated on planning activities and progress.