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RNHS's Dave Golden received the Distinguished Leader Award for Media Education at LMC Media's 40 anniversary gala.

LMC Media hosted its 40th Anniversary Gala on Wednesday, October 11th, honoring the past, present and future educators and filmmakers of Larchmont and Mamaroneck. Dave Golden, Rye Neck High School’s video production teacher, was honored with the Distinguished Leader Award for Media Education. Dave has worked at Rye Neck for 23 years, teaching various levels of video production courses as well as film appreciation, screenwriting and computer design courses. He also serves as the district’s AV Coordinator, recording and producing concerts, theatre performances, graduation ceremonies and other events throughout the district, which are aired on LMC Media and posted on our website.

Dave’s video production classes are extremely popular among Rye Neck students.  In his introductory class, students are taught basic technical skills and learn to create a good narrative.  Their projects start with smaller productions, such as commercials and news reports. As the year progresses, they move into more complex films like music videos and documentaries.  His advanced students continue those complex projects with more of an emphasis on editing, using programs like Avid. Students are often seen filming around the hallways and grounds of the MS/HS campus.

Dave’s relationship with LMC Media began when he started at Rye Neck.  He would deliver VHS tapes of filmed events, which would air on LMC’s channels. Dave has maintained that relationship with LMC, still sending them videos of our events. He praised LMC for everything they do for the community and the opportunities they provide for students.

His wife, Dr. Lutinksi and Mrs. Folchetti were invited to celebrate this well-deserved honor at the Gala. 

If you want to know more about Dave Golden, please read through the Staff Spotlight featured in one of Dr. Lutinski’s updates last year.