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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Valerie Feit

Dr. Valerie Feit develops enrichment programs and provides educational advice and resources for Rye Neck’s students, parents, and teachers. Additionally, she mentors the Independent Learner Program in which students develop in-depth, real world projects. Many students highlight these projects in the college process with Dr. Feit’s support. 

In July 2020, Dr. Feit and Duke University sociologist, Dr. William Tobin co-authored Student Research for Community Change, (Teachers College Press at Columbia University).  The book was based on social science programs developed at Rye Neck with the support of successive Boards of Education and Superintendent, Dr. Eric Lutinski, and former Superintendents, Dr. Barbara Ferraro and Dr. Mustich. Rye Neck teachers implement these programs and have added their insights and knowledge to make them among the most innovative and cutting-edge in the nation.

In her private life, Dr. Feit enjoys dance of all kinds, hiking, and gardening. 

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