Grade 7 World Languages Information

  • One of the essential hallmarks of a well-rounded and complete education is the pursuit of the ability to communicate – to do business, to socialize, to conduct research, to live fully – in a language other than one’s own. This can only be a tremendous asset to any individual in our ever-shrinking and increasingly interdependent global society. The study of another language gives students an understanding and appreciation of a different culture which enables the student to see the connection between the culture that is lived and the language that is spoken. Each course is developed in alignment with the NYS learning standards for languages other than English, such that students will study vocabulary and grammar topics, thereby developing the ability to communicate effectively. The World Languages Department immerses language learners in the target language and culture through various means of communication, technology and media. Students will be assessed on their ability to pronounce, speak, write, and understand the target language. Successful completion of the level III course and the Comprehensive Level III examination (along with requirements specific to other disciplines) may entitle students to a Regents diploma with Advanced Designation.

    French 7, Italian 7, & Spanish 7

    Curriculum Level:   Grade 7

    State Examination:   None

    Frequency:  Every day: full year 


    In this course, the foundations for communication skills are taught: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Students are introduced to the fundamental expressions, vocabulary, and main grammatical structures necessary to begin  communicating on a variety of daily topics.  Intercultural awareness and understanding are essential parts of this course.  

    Thematic vocabulary topics may include, but are not limited to:

    1. Numbers
    2. Sports
    3. Food & beverages
    4. Date
    5. Weather
    6. Classroom objects
    7. Classroom commands
    8. School subjects
    9. Family & pets
    10. Human body
    11. Nationalities
    12. Physical & psychological characteristics
    13. House/home
    14. Rooms & furniture
    15. Clothing
    16. Travel vocabulary
    17. Songs/poems


    D’accord! 1
    Avanti con l’italiano
    Paso a Paso I