Middle School Physical Education Information

  • The Middle School Physical Education program is designed to reinforce the fundamental physical skill development learned in elementary school, while also providing opportunities to support and experience further growth in social, emotional and cognitive development. Participating a wide selection of activities, and incorporating various instructionals models (ie. The Sports Education Model), students are provided with opportunities to experience cooperation as a member of a group, develop leadership skills, better understand the rules of fair play and the advantages of good sportsmanship, and develop self-control and respect for the rights of others. By challenging and supporting student growth in these areas as they progress through the middle school program, the physical, social and cognitive foundations are further developed and strengthened in preparation for the commencement level experience in the high school physical education program. 


Middle School Health Information

  •        The Rye Neck MS Health sequence has been designed to build upon previously learned health related concepts integrated throughout the elementary school years, allowing students to more deeply examine these topics while also introducing new content and skill development in a dedicated health class setting. The MS Health program is divided into two half-year courses, taken during 7th and 8th grade years. 
           In the 7th grade course, students explore and develop a skills based “toolbox” of health concepts, which includes an exploration of how to assess their current health, create new health goals, identify stressors and practice ways to cope with stress, decision making and communication skills, and characteristics of healthy versus unhealthy relationships. As a pathway to developing these various skills, health related topics as outlined in the NY State Health Guidance Document are introduced, including information on gateway drugs, nutrition, fitness, puberty concepts, etc
           In the 8th grade course, students further enhance their health literacy by reflecting on previously reviewed knowledge and experiences, while also being introduced to additional health-enhancing information. The class is designed to support each student’s continuing exploration into developing a lifestyle that promotes wellness by providing accurate health related information, strengthening the foundation for making educated, responsible and healthy personal lifestyle decisions.