Grade 7 PE/Health Information

  • The physical education and health department strives to educate students on how to be healthy and active throughout their lives. Positive health habits begin at a young age, and our focus is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to not only perform movement and activity but also to access community resources to achieve a healthy lifestyle. In addition to physical health benefits, students learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, self confidence and accountability. The physical education curriculum is designed to include foundational experiences in team and individual sports and fitness programming. In partnership with physical education, our health curriculum focuses on functional knowledge and skill development to provide students with a concrete basis for healthy living. Topics covered but not limited to include mental/emotional health, fitness, substance abuse, human sexuality, and interpersonal relationships. The physical education and health program follows the New York state learning standards for health and physical education, which also includes the New York State Health Guidance Document.  

Grade 7 Health

  • Grade:
    Curriculum Level: Grade level
    State Examination: None
    Frequency: Every other day for 1 semester


    Outlined by the New York State Health Guidance Document, students will explore and develop a skills-based toolbox that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Students will learn how to assess their current status within health and plan to achieve their desired health status. Students will learn how to identify stressors and practice ways to cope with their stress, a valuable skill that is needed throughout all stages of life. Decision making and communication skills will be practiced through various role-playing situations designed to help students identify peer pressure and how to say “no.” Students will be able to identify healthy relationships in their lives and how to maintain positive influences with their peers. Basic health information such as gateway drugs, nutrition, fitness etc., will be intertwined into each of the skills presented by NYS.
    Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

    • Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition
    • Communication, Decision-Making and Peer Pressure
    • Stress Management
    • Social Emotional Learning/Relationship Management
    • Human Sexuality
    • Drugs and Alcohol


    Teacher provided handouts and articles 


    Students are expected to arrive at their Health class on time, come prepared and participate. Students are expected to maintain and demonstrate proper classroom behavior and complete class assignments on time.

Grade 7 Physical Education

  • Required Course
    Type of Examination:  Performance
    Prerequisite:  None
    Grade(s):  6-8
    Credit:  ½ 


    The Physical Education Program for students in grades 6-8 consists of sequential, skill building activities with a focus on cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship. Students will participate in a wide variety of activities incorporating fundamental skills, team, and lifetime sport activities. Through the use of the Sport Education Model, students will incorporate skills learned in practice and game settings. The goal of the program is to develop an awareness and understanding of other students, cooperation, teamwork, lifetime health, wellness and fitness. Three years of physical education is a New York State graduation requirement. 


    Students are expected to arrive at their P.E. class on time, come prepared and participate. Proper class attire, which includes sneakers, t-shirt/sweatshirt, and shorts/sweatpants are required to participate. They are to demonstrate cooperation and sportsmanship. Each student is provided a locker at the gymnasium. All lockers should be securely fastened with a good lock.