Rye Neck English Department

  •        The English curriculum at Rye Neck integrates the close, critical reading of a variety of literary genres with the development of reflective, analytical written work.  While four years of English are required for graduation, Rye Neck’s English department offers a broad program of exciting core courses and electives rendering it possible for students to complete more than five years of credit in English.  
           Each course in the four-year sequence incorporates reading, writing, listening, speaking, presenting and viewing skills as outlined in the New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards. In addition, students are required to develop facility with a variety of research formats employing both traditional print and modern technological media sources.  
           English courses 9-11 are Regents courses.  Each grade level emphasizes selected parallels to social studies topics and also incorporates focused themes.   All students take the Regents Comprehensive Examination in English in either June of sophomore year, or January of the junior year.  
           An Honors program is offered for students in grades 9 and 10.  These courses are designed for students who have demonstrated outstanding interest, aptitude and performance; the work is demanding and our expectations are high.   While the essential curriculum of the honors program is the same as the Regents program, the scope of understanding is broadened in the honors program. Students engage in more independent work, and writing projects are expanded to accommodate a greater breadth and depth of understanding.   These courses are viewed as preparation for the Advanced Placement English program, offered in place of honors in grades 11 and 12.