Social Studies Department

  •        The department seeks to prepare students to be independent, forward-thinking participants, actively involved in the 21st century. Inclusion of technology and evidence-based learning are paramount to the curriculum which is designed to motivate each student to think for himself/herself, to analyze, and to draw conclusions from a variety of primary and secondary sources. At least one research paper is required at each level.
           The curriculum is supplemented with works of historical non- fiction and/or other works of literature in the content area. Four years of Social Studies are required for graduation. Each course in the four-year sequence integrates the social, political, economic and historical elements of culture, nations and governments as outlined in the NYS Syllabi for Social Studies as well as the NYS learning standards. Social Studies courses in grades 9-11 are Regents courses, culminating in a Regents exam in grades 10 and 11. College Board Advanced Placement courses are offered in grades 10, 11, and 12