F. E. Bellows Physical Education Information

  •        In physical education class, we will be learning about various aspects of health and wellness.  We will be exploring a new muscle of the body each month. as well as learning about our hearts and healthy eating habits. Throughout the year we will be introduced to activities that promote muscle memory, hand-eye coordination, body awareness, teamwork, sportsmanship and spacial awareness.  the students will be exposed to various types of games and activities.  Some examples are group games, sport introduction and fitness & conditioning. Within these activities the students will be practicing different skill sets, such as, striking, hitting, throwing and catching, body control, fine motor skills, social skills, balancing, etc.
           The gymnasium is set up as a warm and inviting environment.  We have colored floor spots, a talk it out tree (palm tree) set up to practice conflict resolution skills.  There is also a target heart rate station, where students check their heart rate (using our insta-pulse floor stand) and try to match their perceived exertion with the posters on the wall. These resources help the students to monitor their own physical effort throughout the class and provide them with evidence needed to adjust their participation accordingly.  Their goal is to get their heart rates within the appropriate target heart rate zone that correlates with their age; and remain in that target zone for at least 20 minutes of the class period. In addition, we have set up a portable classroom area, set up with a bulletin board, chromebook and a portable short throw projector. There is a translation wall for our ELL students to help assist with communication. Throughout the year, we try to incorporate technology as often as possible; with use of our ipads, pedometers and heart rate monitor stations.
           It is our goal to try and promote a healthy lifestyle from a young age.   One where the students are exposed to enjoyable experiences related to health and fitness.  In hopes that they pursue those interests outside of the school day, in order to practice an active lifestyle.