2022- 2023 Board of Education Goals

  • The Rye Neck Board of Education will ensure the district's resources focus on:

    Superior Educational Programs

    • Providing students with a wide range of rigorous academic opportunities.
    • Providing students with high-quality athletic, unified arts, and extra-curricular opportunities.
    • Promoting character development and ethical behavior.
    • Supporting data-driven decision making and using data to improve student outcomes and experiences.
    • Ensuring equitable access to learning opportunities and technology.
    • Supporting the ongoing introduction of new technology, digital citizenship, and teaching methods that improve the quality of instruction.
    • Supporting meaningful and useful professional development for all staff.
    • Supporting the individual creativity of educators and encouraging innovative pedagogy and lesson planning.
    • Recruiting and retaining diverse and exceptional staff members.
    • Ensuring that the district’s programs, policies and procedures reflect, as core values, student growth as well as student achievement, respecting the whole child.

    Safe and Secure Educational Environment

    • Complying with the guidance of state and county health authorities and adapting to changes as necessary.
    • Prioritizing the physical well-being of all students and staff by adopting robust safety procedures and protocols.
    • Supporting policies and programs that prioritize the mental health of all students and staff, seeking to create a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all.

    Facilities Implementation

    • Closing out the district’s capital project plan of the middle school gymnasium and high school Collaborative Science Center.
    • Completing the Building Conditions Survey and identifying immediate and long-term facility needs, considering future improvement plans as needed.

     Financial Oversight and Accountability

    • Developing and presenting to the community a 2022-2023 budget that maintains exceptional programs, is fiscally conservative, and is tax cap compliant.
    • Continuing to exercise disciplined oversight on district financial matters, including the review of all expenditures and the planning of the reserve fund dispositions.
    • Continuing to work with independent external, internal and claims auditor(s) to enhance the district’s accounting and risk management controls.

     The Rye Neck Board of Education will work on Policy Review and Advocacy / Mandate Relief as follows:

     Policy Review

    • Streamlining the district’s policy manual, eliminating duplicative policies as well as policies superseded by federal and state law.
    • Reviewing, and where applicable, incorporating new NYSSBA and SED policy recommendations. 

     Advocacy / Mandate Relief

    • Meeting with local legislators to educate and inform them of the specific challenges to our district.
    • Collaborating with neighboring school districts in an effort to have our mutual concerns heard and addressed.
    • Supporting the district and the Rye Neck PTSA in their efforts to encourage student advocacy.