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Second-Graders Race Airplanes During Science Experiment

Second-Graders Race Airplanes During Science Experiment photo thumbnail87481

Second-graders in Madeleine Biegen’s class – who had been exploring the concepts of air pressure, force, resistance and compression in their science classes – recently participated in an experiment to bring the concepts to life.

As part of the Air and Weather unit, the students were challenged to apply their knowledge by taking part in an airplane race at their gymnasium, to see who could achieve the longest flight path. 

“The children experimented with altering the wings and rudders, along with changing their throwing styles, to try and get their planes to go the distance,” Biegen said. “They compared results with their classmates as they took additional tries at this science task.”

Over the course of the unit, the students will further study the movement of objects in the air by experimenting with parachutes, balloons and kites. They will also use basic weather tools to observe and record the local weather, including air temperature, cloud formations, wind speed, rainfall and air pressure.