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Crisis Resources for Parents



Suicide Loss: What Teens Need to Know

Suicide: How Can We Talk to the Children?

Helping Children Cope with Terrorism and Other World Events:

Helping Children Cope with Terrorism: Tips for Families and Educators

Talking to Children About Tragedies and Other News Events

Talking and Teaching about School Violence

Responding to Violence and Tragedies - Tips for educators and parents

When Tragedy Strikes - What Should School Do

Help Your School Cope With Tragedy- NAESP

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Educators

Tragic Events

Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event: A Guide For Parents, Caregivers and Teachers

Helping Children Cope With Frightening News

Promoting Compassion and Acceptance in Crisis


The Bereavement Center of Westchester

Addressing Grief

When Grief/Loss Hits Close to Home: Tips for Caregivers

Natural Disaster:

Safety and Crisis Care for Caregivers


Daniel Warren

Michelle Bowman, School Psychologist, 777-4710/777-4236

Laura Finkelson, School Psychologist, 777-4236/777-4710

F. E. Bellows

Vanessa DioGuardi, School Psychologist, 777-4639

Middle School

Meegan Lawlor, School Counselor, 777-4733

Samantha Chu, School Counselor, 777-4732

Michelle Lividini, School Psychologist, 777-4867

High School

Frank Gizzo, School Counselor, 777-4820

Amanda Mahncke, School Counselor, 777-4875

Susan Hannon, School Counselor, 777-4873

Dr. Valerie Feit, Co-Director of Counseling, 777-4832

Nicole Crispinelli, School Psychologist, 777-4876

Community Resources

Bereavement Center of Westchester

670 White Plains Road Scarsdale, NY 10583

(914) 787-6158


Community Counseling Center

234 Stanley Avenue Mamaroneck, NY 10543

(914) 698-7549


National Suicide Prevention 24-hour Hotline

(800) 273-8255


National Alliance on Mental Illness

(914) 592-5458

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