‘I Am’ Project at Rye Neck High School

‘I Am’ Project at Rye Neck High School photo thumbnail144077
Fifty-one members of the Rye Neck High School faculty and staff participated in the “I Am” project on Dec. 6. Under the organization of school counseling intern Madison Hojnacki, the event was designed to promote college awareness among high school students while highlighting traditional and nontraditional pathways to accessing higher education.

“The program was a success, as students connected with adults in learning about post-high school opportunities,” school counselor Frank Gizzo said. “The students learned so much about the staff and connected with their stories.” 

During the collaborative experience, teachers and staff wore ID badges with brief information and facts about their own education and experience. They engaged in meaningful conversations with the students and discussed how some of them commuted to school while others resided on campus, took a gap year or were the first ones in their families to go to college. Others shared that they played sports and switched majors and even careers before ending up in education.