Middle School Students ‘Let It Go’

Middle School Students ‘Let It Go’ photo thumbnail143979

Rye Neck Middle School students in teaching assistant Ashley Sullivan’s homeroom participated in a “Let It Go” activity on Dec. 9 and 10. They engaged in meaningful discussions about the things that weigh them down and those they are willing to let go of before starting the new year. 

Equipped with colorful markers and paper in the shape of a balloon, the students wrote down their answers, which ranged from letting go of drama with friends, unreachable expectations of themselves and anxiety over things out of their control. 

“Once the students had their idea of what they wanted to let go of, they wrote it down on the paper balloon, decorated it and visualized themselves letting it go,” Sullivan said. “It was impressive to see the students be so introspective and give careful consideration about what they want to change in their lives.”