Seniors Teach Sixth Graders How to Care for the Environment

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A group of Rye Neck High School seniors – who are studying about oceans in Anne Palombo’s Environmental Science class – spoke to Rye Neck Middle School sixth graders on Dec. 4 to encourage them to care for the environment. 

During several presentations, the seniors discussed how trash in their local community floats into the Long Island Sound and then into the Atlantic Ocean. They shared different ways that students can help stop that pollution and make a difference in the world. 

“The lessons focused on actions we can take individually and as a community to reduce plastic pollution, specifically, by recycling and reducing single-use plastic,” Palombo said. “The students also explained the value of local ordinances banning plastic bags and straws.”

Palombo said her high school students have been studying about wind and currents, and while learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, they made the connection that floating trash is also a local problem in the Long Island Sound. 

“We focused on plastic and how it impacts wildlife, and we studied microplastic and how it accumulates up the food chain,” Palombo said. “By being aware of our actions and practicing new habits, we can improve our environment.”