Art Students Express Creativity in Printmaking

Art Students Express Creativity in Printmaking photo thumbnail143164
As part of a culminating project on design in Jennifer Dallow’s Studio Art class, Rye Neck High School students created colorful and bright prints depicting their favorite foods, from ice cream and tacos to fish and popcorn. 

“The purpose of the project was for the students to learn the art of printmaking and to utilize design elements they have studied such as line, shape and balance,” Dallow said. “They learned to carve out a linoleum block, print several inked prints and assemble a collage for a final product.” 

The students, who have been studying carving techniques, printing techniques and effects, sketched out their images before transferring their final designs onto a linoleum block. After demonstrating proper techniques and safety, they carved out a reversed image. Once the carving was complete, they printed their designs and learned through trial and error the amount of ink to use on a block print, as well as what color combinations work best for their particular design. 

“Students always surprise me with this project,” Dallow said. “Color combinations are the most fun for them. When they peel the first print, it's like a magic trick, and you often hear ‘wow' and see a look of pride on their faces. This project generates a real sense of community in the art room. For example, when they are rolling inks for printing, they often share color blends and then compare results and get excited to do more.” 

Dallow hopes her students took away a sense of confidence and will remember that they have created a great body of work thus far in the school year.  

“They have learned a few tricks that will help them in future art projects,” she said. “I also heard a lot of peer complimenting, and I hope to see that continue.”