Seventh Grader Wins ‘Journey of Peace’ Poster Contest

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Rye Neck Middle School seventh grader Charlotte Geary has won the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Lions Club’s Peace Poster Contest for expressing her vision for this year’s theme, “Journey of Peace.” 

“To create my project I used watercolor pencils, glitter paint and sharpies,” said Geary, whose project depicts a roller coaster. “The roller coaster is made up of flags that represent that people go through the journey of peace together. For the people who are riding the roller coaster, they are going on the journey of peace together. The top left corner is ultimate peace. Peace is a journey like a roller coaster; it is never a straight path, with bumps on the road and backwards moves at times.” 

Approximately 70 seventh graders from the middle school submitted their artwork for the schoolwide competition. High school art teacher Karen Fontecchio narrowed down the entries to eight finalists – Geary, Sasha Jarmillo, Lilah Martelli, Lucia Monreal, Tara O’Reilly, Shelby Preisser, Sasha Reshetnyak and Maya Wintermantel – to represent Rye Neck Middle School at the local branch contest. A panel of judges at the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Lions Club selected Geary as the winner based on originality, artistic merit and portrayal of the theme, while Monreal and Wintermantel were named runners-up. Geary’s poster will now be submitted to the district-level competition for further judging. 

For her poster, Monreal used markers, watercolor paints and acrylic paint to complete her painting. 

“I’m showing a journey of peace by a dove traveling to Earth surrounded by flags,” she said. “I used a dove, peace sign, flags, the Earth, and used white paint to make stars.” 

Wintermantel’s poster features a complex piece with different components, including a dove flying behind a heart-shared Earth. 

“There is a tree growing out of the dove, symbolizing family, roots, growth and life,” she said. “To symbolize a journey, I used a path or ribbon of flags dancing across the page. Underneath everything are two hands of people holding hands. To me, all these things together created a sense of the journey of peace.” 

The students were honored for their participation and received recognition certificates during a ceremony on Nov. 7 at the Larchmont Village Center. The winning posters are displayed at the library and Bott Shoppe in Mamaroneck until the end of the month.

The Larchmont-Mamaroneck and New Rochelle Lions co-sponsored the local contest, in cooperation with five middle schools and the Community Resource Center. The Lions Club International Peace Poster Contest provides children with the opportunity to express their creativity and visions of peace through art. As part of the contest, students’ posters advance through several rounds of competition before an international winner is declared in the spring.