Magnets Help Attract First Graders to Science

Magnets Help Attract First Graders to Science photo thumbnail139075

First graders at Daniel Warren Elementary School – who have been studying about the different properties of magnets – brought their studies to life through a number of science demonstrations and hands-on activities. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the PTSA, the students welcomed a scientist from HighTouch HighTech to their classrooms Nov. 7-8 for a science enrichment program on magnets. The students discovered how the north and south poles of a magnet attract and repel each other. 

“It’s a great program that really involves students in learning,” first grade teacher Dawn Drace said. “All of those hands-on experiments make them feel like they are part of the learning and discovery process. When the students can dive in hands-on and do the activity, it’s wonderful for them and it deepens their understanding.” 

Throughout the lessons, the students were challenged to make their own magnets and discover the different properties of magnets. In other experiments, they were tasked with removing a paper clip from a cup of water without placing a magnet in the water, as well as manipulating a compass’ arrow with a magnet.