F.E. Bellows Students Create Peace Paintings

F.E. Bellows Students Create Peace Paintings photo thumbnail136053

Third graders at F.E. Bellows Elementary School – who have been learning about Belgian artist René Magritte and his surrealist paintings – recently drew inspiration from his work to create their own images of peace.

“They looked at a collection of Magritte’s work and noticed a major similarity, which was that he usually incorporated the sky and a dove, which is the international symbol of peace, within his work,” art teacher Trisha Appel said. 

The students began their projects by using blue and white tempera paint to create their own sky papers while learning about value and how one color can gradually change into another. After their paintings dried, the students collaged different papers to their work, including music note paper and newspaper. They also used stencils to trace and cut out doves or a silhouette of a man wearing a top hat, which was often used in Magritte’s work. 

In addition, their artworks were inspired by a song, “Imagine a World,” which the students will perform during their winter concert in December, in collaboration with their music teacher Tom Galgano. 

“The dove was a way to visually show peace and will tie into the song that they will be singing during their winter concert,” Appel said. “This is a great way to connect art and music. Since the art and music classrooms are right next door to each other, students often sing along in art class while they are working.” 

Every third grader’s work will be displayed in the auditorium for the winter music concert at F.E. Bellows in December.