Rye Neck High School Students Inducted Into National Honor Society and World Language Honor Society

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Dozens of Rye Neck High School students were recognized for their achievements when they were inducted into the National Honor Society on Sept. 23 and World Language Honor Society on Oct. 2. 

Forty-nine seniors – who have achieved cumulative weighted averages of 90% or better and demonstrated a commitment to the accompanying attributes to which the National Honor Society subscribes, such as character, service and leadership – were inducted as members of the National Honor Society during a ceremony on Sept. 23. 

Before the students took their membership pledge, they heard welcoming remarks from their adviser Kara Slattery, as well as from NHS president Grace Kujawski and vice president Anthony Sterbens, while this year’s officers, secretary Jonathan Marcuse and treasurer Maxwell Thurer, participated in a candlelighting ceremony.

“The students will provide service to our school community throughout the school year by providing in-school tutoring and mentoring for fellow Rye Neck students,” Slattery said. 

The 2019 National Honor Society inductees are seniors Atika Alradi, Ryan Boron, Anna Boswell, Emma Bucknavage, Gianna Calcagni, Justin Cantu, Adesuwa Carlton, Emilie Cohen, Tiana Colon, Sean Diamond, Kaitlyn Dorfman, Evan Dunne, Lisa Engelen, Kristina Esposito, Matias Fernandez, Sara Ferreira, Sonia Finkenberg, Adam Galluccio, Ronan Heaton, Kayla Hollmann, Kota Hyuga, Hideo Ishihara, Grace Kujawski. Heonjae Lee, Nathan Lesser, Jonathan Marcuse, Luke Masciopinto, Giulianna Miceli, Michael Miller, Elaine Musa, Colin Nashelsky, Alessandro Orjuela, Lucas Pasquina, Sarah Paumier, Matthew Quartararo, Owen Robertson, Anna Romani, Harry Rosas, Jonathan Shin, Juliana Silva, Julianna Spencer, Anthony Sterbens, Maxwell Thurer, Kyle Treacy, Lucas Vienne, Grace West, Timothy Wice, Max Zangiacomi and Yu Zushiden.

The 2019 Junior National Honor Society inductees are juniors Cara Allen, Jeremy Allen, Olivia Andreoli, Juliana Apoldo, Madeline Bayha, Jesse Ben-Meir, John Bianchini, Sarah Bigaouette, Aaron Caplan, Kimberly Carlton, Michael Cohen, Corinne Collado, Clarke Cooper, Freya Crook, Bloeme Daly, Julia DeLitta, Harrison Du, Lucy Friedman, Maura Gabriele, Sophia Gennusa, Natalie Goldberg, Kayla Gorin, Vincenzo Griffo, Alexa Guedez Ramirez, Kaci Harris, Erik Hennenfent, Jackson Hillyer, Julia Hodys, Sarah Klur, Elizabeth Lagani, Thomas Lavelle, Zachary Leontiou, Ruby Liebmann, Ava Meier, Matthew Melegrito, Mallory Michaels, Gabriel Miller, Lily Morningstar, Anna Murphy, Madeline Murray, Simon O’Rourke, Sofia Palacios Ferrer, Luke Park, Lillian Radcliffe, Matteo Renda, Andrew Ricci, Michael Rivituso, Joshua Rubin, Alexander Saltus, Maximillian Saltus, Stefanie Santoli, Elona Sebbane, Madeline Shaw, Sydney Simon, Dylan Spencer, Daniel Super, Angel Tapia, Noah Thurer, Eulalia Tisnovsky, Ariana Victor, Kathleen Victory and Naomi Young. 

Twenty-one high-performing students – who successfully met all of the requirements and competencies of the Level IV High School Link Course and were enrolled in an Advanced Placement course for the language – were inducted into the World Language Honor Society during a ceremony on Oct. 2. 

“We are all proud of their hard work and devotion over their many years of language learning,” adviser Davide Bianco said. 

The 2019 World Language Honor Society inductees are Sarah Bigaouette, Anna Boswell, Kristina Esposito, Eliott Nevejans and Alessandro Orjuela for French; Evan Dunne, Giulianna Miceli, Elaine Musa, Matthew Quartararo, Carlos Rodriguez, Anna Romani, Natalia Ruscitto and Anthony Sterbens for Italian; and Adesuwa Carlton, Kaitlyn Dorfman, Lisa Engelen, Sara Ferreira, Cynthia Lanuza, Lucas Pasquina, Harry Rosas and Juliana Silva for Spanish.