Science Symposium Celebrates Students’ Achievements

Science Symposium Celebrates Students’ Achievements photo thumbnail120582

Members of Rye Neck High School’s Science Research Program celebrated their outstanding achievements and showcased their science research projects during the 17th annual Science Research Symposium, held on June 4 in the middle/high school campus library.

The evening consisted of posterboard presentations by first-, second- and third-year students in the program, who had been developing their ideas and refining their research throughout the year. Junior Lisa Engelen and seniors Ema Jovanovic, Marion Kerviche, Elizabeth Mioli, Anna Nakagama, Rebecca Super, Rebecca Tenner and Melissa Valqui presented their science research and discussed their findings, while senior Nicole Pereira provided the evening’s keynote address before an audience of peers, parents and teachers. 

Pereira presented her project, “The Effect of Valproic Acid on the Memory and Social Behavior of Blaberus Discoidalis Cockroaches.” Jovanovic presented her research, “The Effects of Valerian on Social Facilitation in Blaberus Discoidalis Cockroaches.” Kerviche and Engelen presented their project, “The Effects of Facial Features on Political Candidates’ Chances of Election.” Mioli presented her project, “The Knowledge and Perceptions of Concussions Amongst Adolescents.” Anna Nakagama and Rebecca Tenner presented their project, “High School Students’ Perceptions and Knowledge of and Access to Vaccinations.” Super presented her research, “Cardiac Development of Mice Lacking the Crk and CrkL Genes.” Valqui presented her research, “The Effect of Time and Implantation of False Memories on Eyewitness Testimony Memory.”

The Science Research Program provides students with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of a topic of their choice and conduct independent research with the help of a mentor in a variety of scientific areas, including biology, medicine, computer science, mathematics, physics, space science, social sciences and psychology. Over the course of the program, students complete projects in labs and participate in numerous competitions at the local and national level.

Members of the science research program include first-year students Kimberly Carlton, Jackson Hillyer, Marion Kerviche, Zachary Leontiou Ava Liebmann; second-year students Jonathan Marcuse, Elizabeth Mioli and Owen Robertson; and third-year students Lisa Engelen, Adam Galluccio, Ema Jovanovic, Anna Nakagama, Nicole Pereira, Rebecca Super, Rebecca Tenner and Melissa Valqui.