Seventh Graders ‘Escape the Math Classroom’

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Seventh grade students – who have been studying about ratios, proportions and percentages in Eileen Pillig’s math classes – were recently challenged to solve a variety of puzzles to test their knowledge. 

Set up as an “Escape the Room” challenge, the students worked in groups and competed against other teams to be the first ones to solve a series of math problems and obtain a code to unlock a digital lock. The team who successfully solved eight puzzles and opened eight locks would “escape the math classroom.”

“It was a great motivator, as students stayed engaged and worked together as a team to achieve a goal,” Pillig said. “They found the puzzles were much easier when they listened to and supported each other’s ideas. I hope they took away from this that math can be challenging as well as fun, and that working as a team can make a hard task easier.”

The students said that despite the challenging activity, they had fun working together while also learning math.