Sixth Graders Use Code to Create Animated Stories

Sixth Graders Use Code to Create Animated Stories photo thumbnail117676

Sixth grade students have been studying block coding and learning basic computer language skills in Nicole Pelosi’s coding class. Now, as part of a storytelling unit, they are putting their knowledge to the test by creating an animated story with a clear plot, dialogue, characters and setting.

“Each student will create the first half of an original story and then trade so another student creates the ending,” Pelosi said. “By sharing the work, students need to creatively and logically resolve the story's problem, as well as interpret code written by their peers.”

Pelosi said the goals of all such coding projects that the students undertake vary and are based on the skills they learn in curricular units. During a recent gaming unit, for example, the sixth graders created two types of games. Doing so taught them how to program variables that are affected by different events which occur during the course of a game. They also learned how to program loops, in which certain sounds repeat to create a song, during a music unit.

At the end of each unit, the students celebrate their accomplishments by displaying and sharing their work as a class. 

“I hope our students are inspired to delve deeper into computer science and understand the important connection between mathematics and programming,” Pelosi said. “There are many high-order cognitive skills involved when programming and it's great to see students so focused on a goal.”