Author Prompts Students to Tap Into Their Imaginations

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Author Prompts Students to Tap Into Their Imaginations photo 2 thumbnail112956
Seventh-graders, who have been creating their own fictional stories in Jenny Theall’s Creative Writing classes, welcomed author and Rye Neck parent Beth Duchanaud to their school to gain new skills about the writing process. 

During her visits on March 5 and 6, Duchanaud shared insight about her creative writing process, discussed her experiences in self-publishing her young adult novel “Hold Up” and offered practical advice to the budding student-authors. She encouraged them to create a writing ritual and continue to practice crafting original stories. Duchanaud also discussed the importance of knowing their audience, drawing inspiration from real-life experiences to develop a compelling story and provided them with tips on how they can bring their characters to life. 

As a conclusion to her interactive workshop, the author challenged the students to a writing prompt, which centered around one setting – a fictional Spring Fair. 

“Each student received a prompt, which depicted a specific character and scene,” Theall said. “Yet, they were all interconnected. The students used their imaginations to become a staff member running an air castle, a lost child, the winner of the Cake Walk and more. They were actually assigned opposing characters, which created hilarious contrasting points-of-view and they loved it.” 

Theall said she hopes the learning experience inspires her students to establish their own writing rituals.