Three Middle Schoolers Honored as Students of the Month

Three Middle Schoolers Honored as Students of the Month photo
Rye Neck Middle School students Ensar Burrja, Margaux Duchanaud and Ethan Felenstein were recognized for their accomplishments and honored with Student of the Month awards for the month of January. 

Burrja, a sixth-grader, earned the recognition for being polite and conscientious. According to his teachers, he is hardworking and enjoys helping others in class. He is also a leader in small groups, takes feedback and is able to make changes to his work to improve it when asked. Outside of the classroom, he likes to play basketball and soccer.

Duchanaud, a seventh-grader, is a high-achieving, kind, respectful and caring student who is concerned with the well-being of others. According to her teacher Trisha Appel, she is motivated and dedicated to being successful in all of her art projects and always tries to be creative with her ideas. In addition, Duchanaud always has a smile on her face and says hello to others. 

Felenstein, an eighth-grader, is a trustworthy, compassionate, approachable, hardworking, polite and well-mannered student. According to his teachers, he puts forth excellent effort on a daily basis, both in and out of class. Outside of school, Felenstein enjoys music, videogames and volunteering with his synagogue youth program.