Eighth-Graders Celebrate Italian Culture With Traditional Meals

Eighth-Graders Celebrate Italian Culture

Rye Neck Middle School eighth-graders – who have been exploring the Italian language and culture in Rosina Martinelli’s languages classes – celebrated their accomplishments by hosting an Italian food tasting. They enjoyed authentic food and desserts, which were prepared by parents and students.

“The students have already acquired their vocabulary and verbs associated with Italian food and popular dishes in their food chapter,” Martinelli said. “They learned not only how to make Italian food, but they walked away knowing that the Italian culture is rich with food and family.” 

Some of the dishes the students brought in included pizza, Nutella pizza, zeppole, Italian cream puffs, ravioli, meatballs, lasagna, penne alla vodka, tiramisu, Napoleon pastries and pasta primavera. 

In addition, as a culminating activity to their chapter on Italian food, the students worked in groups to create a script for an Italian cooking show. Each group was challenged to provide clear guidelines in Italian about how to cook an authentic dish.