Snap Circuits Club Encourages Student Creativity

Snap Circuits Club Encourages Student Creativity photo

From light tunnels to sound boards, a remote-controlled vehicle that zips through the hallways and a helicopter that flies 10 feet up in the air, Rye Neck Middle School students have been channeling their inner electrical and mechanical engineers as part of the school’s newly founded Snap Circuits Club.

Each Friday after school, members of the club get to explore in a student-driven environment and strengthen their teamwork and critical thinking skills. Using snap circuit kits and 3D construction components, the students can choose from more than 150 different projects that incorporate sounds and light and build upon their own ideas to create an original project. 

“These are the students who are really dedicated to it, who just want to have fun for an hour,” said Jenny Theall, who founded the club at the beginning of the school year. “It has nothing to do with homework. The students love being independent and working hands-on, and the activities directly stimulate their creativity.” 

Ryan Varga, a sixth-grader and the club’s president, said his favorite part has been building the rover, or the remote-controlled vehicle, and figuring out ways he and his partner could attach a projector to it. 

“We have to connect all the wires and we have to take everything and snap it together,” Varga said. “You need the positive and negative currents to go the right way and everything to be hooked properly, otherwise it won’t work.” 

Meanwhile, sixth-graders Lucia Monreal and Sarah Spiral used laser pegs that light up to create their own project, which they interpreted as a winter wonderland, complete with Christmas trees and a village. 

“You can create anything with this,” Spiral said. “My favorite part was figuring out how to put it all together.” 

Theall said the Snap Circuits Club was created to provide students with a space where they can further explore their interests, learn how to be flexible, promote teamwork and build upon their strengths.