Fifth-Graders Create Masterpieces to Raise Money for Freshman Class

Fifth-Graders Create Masterpieces to Raise Money for Freshman Class photo

Fifth-grade students from F.E. Bellows Elementary School created their own spring landscape masterpieces during Paint Night, which was held on April 13 at the middle school’s art room. The event, which served as a fundraiser for the Rye Neck High School freshman class, raised a total of $300.

Using a white canvas, acrylic paint and brushes, the students followed step-by-step instructions from art teacher Dara Goodman to paint the spring landscape scene, which included trees, mountains and fields. Meanwhile, Rye Neck High School freshman class officers and their adviser, Marcella Scalise, helped the students with their supplies, the overall organization of the event and cleanup afterwards.

“The students had a great time socializing with their peers and expressing themselves creatively,” said art teacher Jen Dallow, who organized the event along with fellow teachers Trisha Appel and Karen Fontecchio. “They also loved the personalized attention they got from the teachers and high school students. Often the children are amazed at themselves. This is such a delight that they can go home with such a sense of pride at the end of a fun evening.”

The fundraiser, which is held twice a year, benefits students as they raise money for their respective classes. At the end of the night, event organizers raffled off prizes for students to take home. 

“In the end, everyone is a winner because each student went home with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece,” Dallow said.