Author to Students: ‘Be Brave, Believe in Yourself, Keep Dreaming’

Author to Students photo

First- through second-grade students at Daniel Warren Elementary School discovered the power of imagination and gained skills about turning their own ideas into stories when they welcomed award-winning children’s author Christine Pakkala to their school on April 12.

During each class assembly, Pakkala recounted her journey of creating stories, shared where she draws inspiration from for her books and discussed the writing process. Drawing examples from the first book of her “Last-But-Not-Least Lola” series, “Lola Going Green,” she demonstrated how a real-life experience could be turned into a story. In addition, she invited the students to discover how quickly they too can come up with their own ideas. The students were thrilled to discover the endless possibilities and drafted stories about a queen who is looking for jewelry, a mermaid who wanted to get to a castle and a bug that wished to become human.

“Be brave, believe in yourself, keep writing and dreaming,” Pakkala told the students, adding that her own second-grade teacher encouraged her to write stories in her journal, which inspired her to become an author. “Ideas come from real-life experiences, and sometimes they come from your imagination.” 

She urged the students to continue to read and write every day, let their imaginations soar and never give up. At the end of the program, Pakkala provided each student with a copy of her “Lola Going Green” book, a laugh-out-loud and heartwarming story about the importance of friendship and creative problem- solving. 

“We want our students to use real-life experiences and their imagination to create their own stories,” Principal Tara Goldberg said. “At Daniel Warren, our students are readers and writers. They’re reading stories in their classrooms across different genres. In writing workshop, they see themselves as authors as they write stories based on real events that might have happened in their own lives, or they make up stories about fictional characters and the challenges they need to overcome.”

The author’s visit was made possible thanks to the generous support of the PTSA and parent coordinator Alana Sanko, who arranged Pakkala’s visit.