Photos: Middle School Students Present Science Projects

Middle School Students Present Science Projects photo

Having worked diligently on their science projects for weeks, a total of 118 middle school students presented their work at the annual Rye Neck Middle School Science and Technology Fair, held at the campus dining hall on March 22.

The students presented before a team of judges in their respective categories, which included Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Technology, Environment, Health and Medicine, Math and Computers, and Psychology. The students were challenged to successfully demonstrate use of the scientific method in a rigorous manner. They needed to ask a question on a topic of interest, construct a hypothesis, test their hypothesis through an experiment, analyze the data and make a conclusion before presenting their projects.  

“The science fair allows students to pursue their interests and you can see a variety of topics,” said seventh-grader Nathaniel Findlay, who conducted research on how quickly adults and children react to stimuli. “I’ve always been interested in why we react to different things. I like to know how things work and why they work.”