‘The Glass Castle’ Comes to Life at Rye Neck High School

‘The Glass Castle’ Comes to Life at Rye Neck High School photo
Having read “The Glass Castle” memoir and watched the movie of the same name in their English classes, seniors at Rye Neck High School had the opportunity to further explore the themes in the story through a live performance.

Thanks to a partnership with Young Audiences New York’s Literature to Life program, they welcomed actress Sarah Franek to their school on March 9. During the one-woman show, Franek depicted the parent-child relationship that’s portrayed in Jeannette Walls’ memoir. 

“Every student was thoroughly engaged in this performance and all eyes were on her,” said Mary Lanza, a teacher and instructional technology department chairperson. “It was an incredibly raw and emotional portrayal of the story.”

Prior to the hour-long performance, the students discussed their understanding of the story. Afterwards, they engaged in meaningful conversation with Franek about the process of playing multiple characters at once and how she developed them. The students were also intrigued to find out how the actress’ background helped her connect to the story. 

The event was generously sponsored by the Rye Neck PTSA High School/Middle School STEAM Committee, chaired by Susan Banker.