F.E. Bellows to Welcome Dance Companies as Part of Enrichment Program

Enrichment Program
Enrichment Program2
F.E. Bellows Elementary School students will participate in a multicultural appreciation and enrichment program when they welcome two dance companies to their school over the course of several months. The program will commence with a performance of traditional Indian dance forms by the Ajna Dance Company on Feb. 16 and a second performance of Chinese dance forms by the New York Chinese Cultural Council on Feb. 26. Both performances will take place at the school’s auditorium at 1:45 p.m. before an audience of students, teachers and parents. 

The program is presented by the district’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model, with assistance from the PTSA Cultural Arts program. Dance Parade NYC’s Community Engagement Program brings the vibrancy of global dance traditions to schools and connects people through movement. 

“Dance Parade NYC is the world’s largest multicultural event, bringing together 10,000 dancers who perform 83 genres of world dance,” said Dr. Valerie Feit, K-12 Enrichment Coordinator and Co-Director of Counseling and Guidance, who coordinated the visit along with F.E. Bellows Principal Michael Scarantino. “It is exciting to bring their message of cultural understanding to Bellows and to build an appreciation for diversity through the art of dance. We want to provide an opportunity for young people to experience the beauty, depth and joy that are the hallmarks of this remarkable art form.”  

The dance performances are followed by 10-weeks of free dance classes in Indian and Chinese dance for students, teachers and parents. The classes culminate in an invitation for students to participate in Dance Parade NYC, along with the teaching artists. 

Parents are invited to join the performances and dance classes. For more information about Dance Parade NYC, visit www.danceparade.org.