Daniel Warren Elementary School second-graders, who had been studying about ancient Greece’s democratic government, geography and culture, brought their studies to life during the annual Greek Festival and Olympic Field Day on June 13.

Dressed in togas, the students participated in a variety of hands-on activities throughout the day – including Greek dancing and writing, sampling of authentic food and making their own laurel wreath crowns and Olympic torches – as a culmination to their studies. The Olympic-themed field day included relay races, obstacle courses and water activities.

“As educators we try to make learning fun,” second-grade teacher Deena Winchenbach said. “Through the Greek study, we were able to expose our students to an important ancient civilization; while the Greek Festival allowed them to fully engage in their learning and bring it to life.”

Winchenbach said the students studied how the ancient civilization has impacted aspects of our lives today, and many of them were inspired to expand their research independently to learn more about its history and mythology. In addition, the students learned about the city-states of Athens and Sparta and the very first Olympic Games, which were held in honor of Zeus.

“The students were engaged in this study and truly enjoyed learning about this ancient civilization,” she said. “It was wonderful to see them make connections and see contributions that are still evident in today's society.”

The celebration was made possible thanks to members of the PTSA, who volunteered to organize and run each station throughout the day.