Rye Neck Middle School students competed in a number of game show-inspired challenges during the Middle School Olympics on June 9. They worked together in five color-coded teams – blue, yellow, black, green and red – that allowed them to collaborate with one another.

“The purpose of the Olympics was to bring the entire school together,” said sixth-grade school counselor Meegan Lawlor, who organized the event. “It was a fun day and it was great to see the spirit of the students. It provided an opportunity for them to come together as a school community.”

The team-building activities were designed to allow students to solve problems, work collaboratively, display sportsmanship and express themselves in order to complete a task in one minute. During the field goal challenge, they worked to balance a yardstick on one cup and create towers of cups on either side.

“If one person was working a bit faster, then the whole thing would collapse,” Lawlor said. “The students really needed to time themselves, talk to each other and work through it.”