Members of Students Against Destructive Decisions sponsored Grim Reaper Day at Rye Neck High School on April 7 in an effort to increase awareness about the dangers of alcohol and drug-related accidents.

Throughout the day, a SADD member dressed as the Grim Reaper roamed the hallways and randomly selected a student as a “victim” to demonstrate to their peers that every 33 minutes someone is killed as a result of an alcohol or drug-related accident. The Grim Reaper’s victims wore a sign with a prewritten obituary and were not allowed to speak to anyone for the remainder of the school day. Outside of school, SADD members placed tombstones around the building and lit candles each time a “death” occurred.  

The powerful and emotionally charged program was designed to offer real-life experiences to students without the real-life risks and teach them about the importance of making good decisions in order to prevent these tragedies. At the end of the day, the students who enacted their “deaths” gathered in a high traffic area of the school to remind everyone once again not to drink and drive.