Daniel Warren Elementary School students shared their enthusiasm and passion for science when they showcased their projects at the Daniel Warren Science Fair and Inventions Convention on April 6.

Although participation in the science fair was voluntary, it featured more than 150 projects, which students had completed at home. During the school day, kindergarten- through second-grade students headed to the school’s multi-purpose room to make observations about their peers’ work, while parents and friends celebrated the students’ scientific accomplishments when they attended the fair in the evening.

“The Science Fair and Inventions Convention was an exciting learning extension, which was designed to focus on student exploration and understanding of a variety of scientific principles,” said Principal Jane Scheinman. “It was a chance for them to use their creative minds as they begin to explore new things. The students take such pride in their projects and what they’ve done, and it’s something we look forward to every year.”

Each student, who contributed to the fair by showcasing an experiment, presenting a collection or making a model, received a certificate for their participation. First-grader Joe Crawford, who conducted a “rubber egg” experiment by placing an egg in a cup containing vinegar, said he enjoyed taking on the role of a scientist.

“What’s fascinating is the vinegar went inside the egg, and the egg was getting bigger and bigger, and then [it] turned into rubber through osmosis,” he said.