Second-graders at Daniel Warren Elementary School took on the roles of scientists when they conducted experiments and made scientific observations as part of a special workshop, titled “What Do Scientists Do?” on March 23 and 24.

Led by guest scientists Lori Adams and Jill Eisenstein, the students participated in a number of hands-on activities and discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the scientific process, research and roles of scientists. Looking through a magnifying glass, they examined the larvae of the Painted Lady butterfly and noted their observations in a science report notebook. They also conducted an experiment to discover what color ink is found in brown and black markers.

“I hope our young scientists got a basic understanding of the scientific method, and most of all, I hope they understood that science is all around us,” Principal Jane Scheinman said.

The science workshops served as an introduction and entry point for the students as they prepare for the upcoming Daniel Warren Science Fair and Inventions Convention, which will be held on April 6. Students in kindergarten through second grade can participate by showcasing an experiment, presenting a collection or making a model.