Daniel Warren Elementary School students performed a variety of high intensity exercises when they swapped in cardio boot camp for their regular physical education classes as part of the school’s Health and Wellness initiative.

Sponsored by the PTSA, an instructor from the Rye YMCA led the students through the cardio workouts during the week of March 6. They performed a number of exercises at each station, which included an agility ladder, shuffle steps, sprints, interval training through crunches and shuttle runs. They also learned about the importance of cooling down their bodies before the next set of interval training circuit.

“The program exposed the students to activities and fitness concepts that are an extension of what is taught within our physical education curriculum,” teacher Kristin Desio said. “The students always enjoy having a guest presenter at school. It also connects the local community with our district and it’s a great way to promote staying active.”

In her physical education classes, Desio said she teaches students about the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. They also learn about the major muscles within their bodies and their functions.

“I want them to be exposed to various activities from sports to exercising and other fitness-related hobbies,” she said. “The goal is to try to expose them to enough activities so they find something they enjoy and pursue outside of the school day.”