Approximately 750 students in grades K-5 showcased their best artwork during the annual art show, held at F.E. Bellows Elementary School from May 9-11. Under the direction of art teachers Trisha Appel and Dara Goodman, the art show featured one project from each student.

“Since all children have varied physiological and conceptual stages of development and grasp art skills and concepts at different times, we used this knowledge and differentiated instruction to choose a project of each child’s area of strength,” Appel said. “The projects were created so every student can succeed and be challenged to their potential. As a result, the show focused on quality over quantity.”

The art show featured self-portraits, abstract portraits, still life, as well as art inspired by Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and more. Through their projects, the students were able to express their creativity and worked on developing an artist vocabulary and techniques while creating works based on master artists and art movements.

“As part of the art programs at Daniel Warren and F.E. Bellows elementary schools, students are exposed to a variety of media and techniques and are encouraged to take risks and make creative decisions – which, in turn, develop higher level thinking skills,” Goodman said. “Since we have the privilege of teaching students for consecutive years, we have the opportunity to build on previously taught concepts and skills, to understand our students and to watch them grow.”