Daniel Warren Elementary School students participated in a fun and interactive program that allowed them to engage in circus yoga exercises. Sponsored by the PTSA, the program covered partner balances and counterbalances and taught students introductory circus stunts.

“The students loved it and it excited them to try the activities they have seen at the real circus,” physical education teacher Kristin Desio said. “Many of the activities involved work on fine motor skills and, basic to advanced, body awareness practices, which we focus on within our own yearly curriculum.”

An instructor from the Rye YMCA led the students through a number of activities, including stilt walking, spinning plates, balance feathers, Chinese yo-yo, juggling and angle sticks. Rotating through a variety of stations, the students practiced hand-eye coordination and ambidexterity.

Through the program, the students also gained experience and learned new skills they will put to the test when they transition to F.E. Bellows Elementary School, where they will have the opportunity to put on a circus performance for the community.