Community Conversation on School Facilities Redevelopment


The Rye Neck Board of Education invites Rye Neck parents and community members to attend the second community conversation on the facilities redevelopment plans on Monday, December 11th, at 7pm in the MS/HS Community Room.


Board members, school administrators, and members of the the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) will be in attendance to discuss the FAC’s recommendations and answer questions relative to the potential capital Improvements needed to strengthen educational programs, upgrade school facilities, and enhance safety and security for our students.


As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage more community participation, the Board and administration are currently developing capital improvement plans with the assistance of the Facilities Advisory Committee, a group of community volunteers with a wide range of experience in engineering, construction, finance and education. At Tuesday’s conversation, committee members will review the recommendations they presented to the Board on November 15th. Please click HERE to see the full presentation.