Twenty-three Rye Neck High School juniors and seniors were inducted into the school’s Thespian Society troupe during the annual International Thespian Society induction ceremony on Nov. 6.

The International Thespian Society, a division of the Educational Theatre Association, is an honor society for high school students who are recognized for their dedication and participation in the theater and performing arts. Inductees are required to earn points and complete at least 100 hours of service in the field. They earn points either by participating in theater productions at the high school, taking theater classes, attending theater enrichment opportunities or a combination of all three. Once a student has earned enough points, he or she can be inducted into the International Thespian Society during their junior or senior year.

“I’m so proud of how well they have performed over the past few years, sometimes under intense pressure, and through it all they’ve thrived, achieved and learned so much,” said Scott Harris, theater director and Thespian Society troupe director. “Rye Neck’s theater students are wonderful, and as a theater teacher, it’s really my pleasure to be able to work with such fine young students.”

International Thespian Society inductees include seniors Anne Alcin, Sabrina Angulo, Emma Finkenberg, Joshua Goldin-McCarthy, Margaret Kohler, Omar Laguerre-Lewis, Danny Morningstar, Raven Parham, Alyssa Rainaldi, Keeley Stuff, Leo Swatski, Rebecca Taylor and Yoli Zarate; as well as juniors Sydney Bisceglia, Jazzy Cores, Stella Ewen-Tanaka, Kathleen Fox, Ryan Germani, Jake Guagnini, Milo Haviland, Ris Igrec, Grace O’Rourke and Zoe Schuman.