Daniel Warren Elementary School kindergartners explored their five senses with scientist Christopher Stetson, who helped them conduct several experiments during his visit on Dec. 14.

During the interactive “Let’s Make Sense” program, which was generously funded by the PTSA, the students tested their visual and auditory skills, differentiated between odors and discovered the four tastes – sweet, salty, sour and bitter – that our taste buds can distinguish among. Kindergarten teacher Kathy Blaney said the program provided a great introduction to their science unit on the five senses.

“We like this program because [scientist Stetson] really helped the children focus on each of the senses and engaged them in an interactive, hands-on workshop,” Blaney said. “Children learn by doing and participating, so this is perfect for this age level.”

As part of the experiments, the students shined a flashlight into their eyes to examine how their pupils react to light. They also identified different scents in a balloon and cans; and shook jars to determine whether they were filled with sand, paper clips, a wooden block or pennies. They also grouped different pictures of food according to the four tastes, and felt three different pieces of sanding paper to determine which one had the roughest surface.

“This is a very appropriate science unit for kindergarten as the children are learning a lot about themselves, their bodies and how they’re growing,” Blaney added. “We’re working on having them be aware of themselves and others, and how they’re part of the environment.”

Following the program, the students will continue to conduct experiments to further study the senses.