F.E. Bellows Elementary School students practiced coding in their math and science classes during the Hour of Code, an international event that is a popular feature of Computer Science Education Week, Dec. 5-11.

This introduction to coding and computer programming encouraged the students to choose from a variety of coding activities that helped nurture their creativity and problem-solving skills. Some of the exercises involved a “Star Wars”-based module called “Building a Galaxy with Code,” as well as “Wayfinding with Code” based on the animated Walt Disney movie “Moana.”

“It is important for students to become interested in computer science at an early age,” Principal Michael Scarantino said. “Through our participation in the Hour of Code, we help students understand and appreciate the need for critical thinkers, problem-solvers and engineers who will help shape the future, especially in the area of computer programming.”

Jedd, a fourth-grader in Ellie Speros’ class, said he enjoyed the coding exercises because it felt like he was playing games while learning new skills.

“Students have a great time exploring the various coding tutorials based on their favorite games, shows and movies, which only enhances their engagement and excitement,” Scarantino added.

For more information on the Hour of Code, visit www.hourofcode.com.