Students at F.E. Bellows Elementary School and Rye Neck Middle School will participate in a multicultural appreciation and enrichment program when they welcome the Mazarte Dance Company to their schools in March, April and May.

Renowned for performing and teaching audiences about traditional Mexican dance forms, Mazarte Dance Company dancers will teach students about the rich and artistic traditions of dance and music. They will perform a traditional dance at F.E. Bellows Elementary School on March 22 and then provide students with free lessons on April 19 and 26 and May 3, 10 and 17. The group will perform at Rye Neck Middle School on March 30 and teach students how to dance on April 18 and 25 and May 2, 9 and 16. Parents are welcome to attend the performances and classes.

“The purpose of bringing Dance Parade to Rye Neck is to expose students to global cultures through the art of dance,” said Co-Director of Counseling and Guidance Dr. Dr. Valerie Feit, who coordinated the visit. “Around the world, dance is an activity that brings communities together to share and pass on cultural traditions from one generation to the next. When students see dance, hear from those who actively preserve a tradition and then, try the movement themselves, multiple levels of connection and understanding are experienced.”

This program is presented collaboratively between the PTSA Cultural Arts programs and the district’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model.  

In addition, students and parents are invited to participate with the Mazarte Dance Company in the 11th annual Dance Parade and Festival event on May 20. Dance Parade New York, which takes place annually in New York City, features thousands of dancers who perform more than 80 styles of traditional and contemporary dance genres.

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