Rye Neck High School Students Present ‘Legally Blonde’

Rye Neck High School will present the modern, musical comedy production of “Legally Blonde” as its spring musical from March 2-4. The spectacular production features more than 100 talented students who are part of the cast and crew.

“Legally Blonde,” a lively stage performance with music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin, is based on the novel Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown and a movie of the same name. It tells the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl who enrolls in Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend.

“The musical has an extremely empowering message for girls,” theater director Scott Harris said. “Elle Woods is a character who at first thinks she can only be valued for her looks and aspires to be nothing more than someone's girlfriend or wife. But by the end of the show, she grows, raises her expectations and learns to value her own intelligence.”

The production features impeccable costume and set designs, which are based on the Broadway set design and licensed to the high school. It also features live dogs that appear as part of the story that will impress any dog lover. Rye Neck High School senior and stage manager Jillian Hurlbut and a number of other crew members have been vital to the production’s success.

“Every student involved in this production has surprised me with how talented, hardworking and dedicated they are,” Harris said. “I marvel over the collected abilities of them. They are continuing the tradition of professional-level theater at Rye Neck and I'm so proud of them all.”

Performances are Thursday, March 2 through Saturday, March 4 at 7 p.m. Tickets to the performances are $15 for adults and $10 for students and children. For more information, please click here.

Below is a list of the “Legally Blonde” cast:  

Name Role
Zach Aber                Harvard Student
Philip Beebe             Aaron Schultz/Carlos
Ryan Boron              Grandmaster Chad/Harvard Student/TV Cameraman
Luigi Carolini            Winthrop/Courtroom Bailiff
Jazzy Cores             Serena            
Anthony DeRose       Colorist at “Hair Affair”/Harvard Student
Kristina Dignelli         Whitney
Evan DiNome            Pforzheimer/Harvard Student
Erin Drace                 Vivienne Kensington
Ryan Germani           Violinist, Guard, Harvard Student
Jessica Giordano        Enid Hoopes
Joshua Goldin-McCarthy    Warner Huntington III
Hunter Greenhill        Professor Callahan
Ris Igrec                   Pilar
Omar Laguerre-Lewis    Sundeep Padamadan/Nikos Argitakos
Risa Liebmann           Courtney (Saleswoman)/Harvard Student
Sean McCaffery         Dewey/Harvard Student/Diner
Bria McClain              Paulette Buonofonte
Luke McNiff               JetBlue Pilot/Harvard Student
Isaak Meier              Kyle B. O’Boyle/Harvard Student
Andrew O’Hanlon        Lowell/Harvard Student/Diner
Grace O’Rourke        Kate
Raven Parham          Cashier at “Hair Affair”/Harvard Student/Diner
Katelyn Sansotta        TV Reporter/Harvard Student
Zoe Schuman            Store Manager/Judge/Harvard Student
Christina Shin           D.A. Joyce Riley/Harvard Student
Ben Styler                Elle’s Dad/Harvard Student    
Keeley Stuff             Chutney Wyndham/Harvard Student/Diner
Justin Sturgis            Emmett Forrest
Mariko Sugaya          Brooke Wyndham
Luisa Tito                  Margot
Kaylee Unkenholz      Elle’s Mom/Leilani/Harvard Student
Rachel Wurzburger    Elle Woods

Delta Nu Greek Chorus
Haley Bruno (Dana)                
Kathleen Fox (Stenographer)            
Viktoriya Manolova (H&H Salesgirl)
Demi Pirrone (Bookish Client)
Anna Romani (2nd Salesgirl)            
Ellie Williams (Dance Captain and Gaelen/Girl)
Stella Wunder (Assistant District Attorney)

Below is a list of the “Legally Blonde” crew:

Stage Manager
Jillian Hurlbut

Assistant Stage Managers
Margaret Kohler
Matt Ponticiello

Technical Director
Ian Gabriele

Assistant TD
Michael Quartararo

Crew Chiefs
Tom Bermingham
Dan Garofalo

Vicky Violi
Danny Morningstar
Jamie Strazza

Stage Crew
Ollie Beecham
Lisa Bianco
Jack Carducci
Jahliv Cornelius
Jake Guagnini
Alex Kebbe
Tim Kelley
Noah Klur
Pierre Klur
Jose Latorre
Kathryn Loffredo
Edward Lopez
Gio Maffei
Jake McSweeney
Mitch O’Brien
Jonathan Shin
Nick Stenroos
Leo Swatski
Brendan Tuohy
Jack Van Buren
Vincent Violi
Amber Yang
Yoli Zarate

Lighting Crew
Steven Saputo - Head
Nick D’Errico - spot
Ben Galerne - spot
Joosep Jukham
Chris Ortiz

Sound Crew
Jessica Sevean - Head
Milo Haviland
Alex Jones

Kiara O’Day - Head
Jaycie Pillig - Head
Anne Alcin
Olivia Allison
Sydney Bisceglia
Colby Delarosa
Jazmin Fuentes
Nate Lynch
Yuri Nagafuchi
Sirsha O’Day
Isabella Vidales

Gabby Carducci - Head
Nicolette Sansotta - Head

Liz Violi - Head
Molly Weiner - Head
Paige Cefaloni
Giulianna Miceli
Alexandra Oaks

Sabrina Angulo - Head (H)
Gabby Maffei - Head (M)
Paola Becerra
Grace Cozine
Emma Finkenberg
Georgia Meyers
Liz Mioli
Anna Nakagama
Maya Richards
Rebecca Tenner
Sophia Wice