Rye Neck High School students, who are enrolled in Lina Carolini-Cannavo’s Advanced Placement Spanish class, participated in a college-level Spanish lesson during a recent visit to Fordham University.

They attended Dr. Jiménez Belmonte’s Approaches to Hispanic Literature course and discussed a piece of literature during a lesson of Gabriel García Márquez's “Crónica de una muerte anunciada” (Chronicle of a Death Foretold).

“The students were able to fully participate and engage in the lesson because they are studying the same literary work,” Carolini-Cannavo said.

As part of their trip to Fordham University, the students toured the campus, visited the Modern Language and Literature Department and discussed with professors college expectations and the importance of studying a foreign language and studying abroad.

“The students left more comfortable, confident and excited for college,” Carolini-Cannavo said. “It was a valuable and interesting experience that helped bridge the gap between high school and college. I also hope they walked away appreciating more the Spanish language and Hispanic literature.”